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How You Can Help


What good is an internet site that never changes? The point is, I would like to continue adding new features to this site that can be useful and interesting. However, I can not do this all myself. This is where you come in. If you know of any other frequency information that other people would […]

Satellite communication systems rife with security flaws, vulnerable to remote hacks Researchers found critical vulnerabilities in satellite communications devices used in the defense, maritime, aerospace and other sectors

Security researchers have found that many satellite communication systems have vulnerabilities and design flaws that can let remote attackers intercept, manipulate, block and in some cases take full control of critical communications. Between October and December last year, researchers from IOActive analyzed the firmware of popular satellite communications (SATCOM) devices that are used in the […]

Location, Location, Location….


So who’s out there that can help with different location frequencies? What were looking for is city location frequencies that have been confirmed like Police, Fire, Ambulance, Aviation, Utilities in all areas to form a database. Rotorua, Hamilton, who you tune into in Taupo etc….If you can help flick us a email and I will […]

Blast from the past


1960′s Operations Room During the 1960s, larger police stations such as Auckland Central installed the first custom built communications rooms. The layout followed very closely that used by the London Metropolitan Police “Information Room” of the 1950′s, although on a smaller scale. The New Zealand version was known as “Operations”. Auckland Operations Room, 3rd floor […]

Radio Scanner Antennas


Rubber Duckies. 1. Flexible “Rubber” Hand-held Antennas – Most handheld scanners come with a flexible “rubber” antenna, popularly referred to as a “rubber duckie”. They consist of a coil of wire wrapped in a rubberised-plastic exterior. These antennas are small and convenient, but do not typically perform as well as a telescoping whip antenna. However, […]

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