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Well after a a year and a bit with this website I am pulling the pin of storing info, software and New scanner frequencies….This is mainly due to the lack of support from all you guys! You have been quite keen to download all the software and files, frequencies and codes but have you sent […]

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How You Can Help


What good is an internet site that never changes? The point is, I would like to continue adding new features to this site that can be useful and interesting. However, I can not do this all myself. This is where you come in. If you know of any other frequency information that other people would […]

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Spammers, Whats the point?!


  Hi there Guys and Girls, Well its been a while since the last post as with work duties, commitments and just pure laziness I have found myself being busy 24/7. So with that I thought I should show my ugly mug back in here (so to speak) so here I am…..Hello! On another note […]

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“Update Gisborne Shooting – Operation Kowhai”

The Gisborne CIB is continuing their investigation into the shooting of a 39 year old local man at a residential address in the suburb of Elgin overnight. Detective Senior Sergeant Craig Scott said ‘at approximately 2.40am this morning a male entered the address and made demands before shooting one of the occupants and leaving the […]

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UBC126AT Programmable Handheld 500 Channel Scanner with Alpha Tagging


This handheld programmable scanner has 500 Alpha Tagged Channels in 10 banks for storage of often used frequencies. It has 9 bands of designated frequencies. Alpha tagging allows you to name each channel up to 16 characters. Offering the exciting “Close Call™ RF Capture Technology” this scanner automatically ‘listens’ for any nearby or ‘close’ transmissions […]

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Satellite communication systems rife with security flaws, vulnerable to remote hacks Researchers found critical vulnerabilities in satellite communications devices used in the defense, maritime, aerospace and other sectors

Security researchers have found that many satellite communication systems have vulnerabilities and design flaws that can let remote attackers intercept, manipulate, block and in some cases take full control of critical communications. Between October and December last year, researchers from IOActive analyzed the firmware of popular satellite communications (SATCOM) devices that are used in the […]

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Live Aircraft tracking


Now here’s a cool little site that you can track Aircraft with…..FLIGHT RADAR That is all…

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Hamilton Police live audio feed….Now dead


Sorry people but seems to have left the building!

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Merry Christmas!!


Wishing everyone a Big Merry Xmas and best wishes for today and the future………..be safe out there.   Team at The KiwiAsylum

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Police Key Performance Indicators for December 2013


New Zealand Police Key Performance Indicators 2013 December 2013 These tables show how we’re performing in key services we deliver to the community, including reducing crime, reducing death and injury on the roads, protecting communities and maintaining trust.  

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UH8080NB UHF CB Mobile and Scanner in one, with Instant Reply Function


    UH8080NB UHF CB Mobile and Scanner in 1 with Instant Reply Function   Introducing the latest in UHF Communications from the world leaders in wireless communication. The UH8080NB is a combined UHF CB Mobile and Scanner in 1 making it the ultimate in CB Radio communications. The UH8080NB is built for rugged Australian […]

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Location, Location, Location….


So who’s out there that can help with different location frequencies? What were looking for is city location frequencies that have been confirmed like Police, Fire, Ambulance, Aviation, Utilities in all areas to form a database. Rotorua, Hamilton, who you tune into in Taupo etc….If you can help flick us a email and I will […]

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Really?? Is that worthy of the time spent tracking one man and his dog down??!!!


A Tauranga man who illegally transmitted radio waves on a dog collar without a license is being ordered to pay $1800. Douglas James Eveleigh appeared in Tauranga District Court on Tuesday on the one charge of breaching the Radiocommunications Act 1989 earlier this year. Douglas James Eveleigh pleaded guilty to breaching the Radiocommunications Act 1989. […]

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