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Radio Scanner Antennas


Rubber Duckies. 1. Flexible “Rubber” Hand-held Antennas – Most handheld scanners come with a flexible “rubber” antenna, popularly referred to as a “rubber duckie”. They consist of a coil of wire wrapped in a rubberised-plastic exterior. These antennas are small and convenient, but do not typically perform as well as a telescoping whip antenna. However, […]

Motorola plans smartphone receiver tattoo

stick on

Google-owned smartphone maker Motorola has applied for a patent for an “electronic tattoo” on people’s necks that doubles as a mobile microphone, lie detector and digital display. The tattoo would capture vibrations, or sound, directly from a user’s throat, thus eliminating background noise that so often mars conversations over mobile phones. The sound would then […]

Police under fire for Roast Busters

better work stories

Police Commissioner Peter Marshall has denied the reputation of the entire police force is on the line over revelations a young girl had laid a formal complaint over the behaviour of the Roast Busters group. This was despite police earlier saying they had been hamstrung because there had been no complaints. The Roast Busters are […]

Spying bill passes into law


New legislation to ensure all electronic communications can be exposed to the scrutiny of spy agencies has passed into law. The technical Telecommunications Interception Capability and Security Bill will compel telecommunication firms to assist intelligence agencies in intercepting and decrypting phone calls, texts and emails. Critics say the bill is authoritarian, limits internet freedom and […]

David vs Goliath


Claudelands Arena will host the boxing match of the year when power-puncher David Tua takes on Goliath-sized Russian boxer Alexander Ustinov for the WBA Pan African Heavyweight Title on Saturday 16 November. Experience the action ringside for this much anticipated comeback by Tua, who has undergone a brutal 6-month training camp with Lee Parore. There […]

More Frequencies for Tauranga


I’ve just had a quick scan through and have come across more frequencies but some will need confirmation to who these belong to, Can you help with this or can add some more to the page? Don’t forget to keep checking back as this site is ongoing and there are a lot that’s still to […]

Wheels on Mainstreet 24th October


The National Street Rod Association and Mount Mainstreet are proud to bring you their second “Wheels on Mainstreet” in Downtown Mount Maunganui. Come along and enjoy an amazing display of over 300 Classic cars, stunning hot rods and bikes, all parked up in Downtown the Mount and in Coronation Park! Something to do for the […]

New Zealand Scanner Frequencies


Hi again people, We are still adding more frequencies as they come to bare so don’t forget to join us and keep up to date with all the latest news in New Zealand. If your after something specific try asking the constantly growing community on the forum section and if you would like to share […]

What’s real, What’s not?!

real people

Hey there people, Couple weeks on and have been finding that some of the people that are joining seem to be spammers looking for a new website to waste their time on, for this reason I am going through all Users that are joining and if any email addresses or user-names look dodgy I will […]

Hmmmm where to put the radio’s


With radio’s being small enough to hide just about anywhere now opens up all the advantages of open road, wind and bugs in your face and teeth! Using a good hand-held with a vox or button tx mounted on the bars works a treat and perfect with helmet speakers and mic, its ideal for riding […]

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