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What good is an internet site that never changes? The point is, I would like to continue adding new features to this site that can be useful and interesting. However, I can not do this all myself. This is where you come in.

If you know of any other frequency information that other people would find interesting, please E-Mail them to us.

Alternately I have a forum on the website just for this purpose…..INFO for all!

I have and will continue to put frequency list and software updates on the site when I find them but it would be a nice thought if the people that download all the software and frequencies that are here on offer for free would return the favour and have some sort of input,  whether that help would be sending in frequencies that aren’t listed or in a different area of New Zealand that we don’t have so we can include it on the scanner frequency pages, software links or files, help on the forums (there is a wealth of knowledge out there and sharing is caring.) , Refer someone to join the site or mention that we are selling Radio Scanners and gear on the forums that are free of the selling charges unlike Trademe, Ebay etc, Now the items we are selling are to get people into the Hobby and we offer cheap radio’s that will pay for the sites expenses and not just to make a profit! If someone knows any people in the Radio industry that would like to advertise their Business/Service here on the site once again Email us.  If there is Something you would like included on the site or a thought of…Hmm Now that would be great if the site had…… or any other help or suggestions for the hard work that’s going into the making of the site give us a bell.

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Hi there Guys and Girls, Well its been a while since the last post as with work duties, commitments and just pure laziness I have found myself being busy 24/7. So with that I thought I should show my ugly mug back in here (so to speak) so here I am…..Hello! On another note seems like the Users are getting out weighed by the usual spammers from Russia and other small windowless countries but don’t really blame them trying to wreck other peoples work as what else can they do to kill time?Hmmmmm the mind boggles!!



Or even a nice approach like


Either way may work but then again its a boring world and always great to see how much discount one can get for Cheap Rayban sunglasses….

Anyway people hope all is good in your neck of the world and if you are having issues joining the Kiwiasylum I apologize in advance but be assured I will help you get there.

P.S. Use the forums people!

That is all……

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