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RFUANZ Emergency Liaison Channel (MSNX47)

A nation-wide channel to facilitate communications in emergency operations

The RFUANZ has established a nation-wide VHF simplex channel that is available to members and others to programme into existing radios to facilitate communications between parties involved in an emergency operation. Details of the service are;

  • The channel will be known as MSNX47 for radios with an Alpha display.
  • The channel designation is MSNX 47,  158.64375MHz
  • The channel is licensed for analogue mode only.
  • CTCSS tone A6 (123.0Hz) is required on this channel
  • The channel is available for use anywhere in New Zealand
  • Must only be fitted to radios with an existing repeater or simplex channel licence
  • Channel is not to be used for day to day operations
  • Only to be programmed with prior agreement of RFUANZ, see application form
  • The channel is licensed exclusively to RFUANZ
  • There is no charge for the service.

It is the intention of RFUANZ that this will be a service to the community and will be fitted to the radio of emergency services, rescue services, utilities and any others that may be involved in emergency operations from time to time.

For access, please download and complete the Application Form and forward it to admin@rfuanz.org.nz

Download the application form (PDF, 230KB)

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